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We empty your mailbox, the addressee mail is scanned, archived and sent to you by e-mail.

We extensively inspect your home, both externally and internally, on the following matters:

Inspection fence and exterior house

septic tank

Inspection inside house

Windows and doors
faucets / leaks
air conditioner


Gas bottles

control content gas bottles

The internal inspection will be attuned to the occupancy of the home and on changeover days resp. non-rented days take place.

The report resulting from the inspection will be provided with photos, you will be sent by e-mail, the price of this package is based on a one-off inspection, you can determine the frequencies of inspections yourself.

Control service

Guiding and controlling other activities that are carried out by third parties

Guest service

We instruct your guests regarding various usage habits of your home

During the stay we guide your tenants and act as a point of contact for all daily questions and problems

We supervise the removal of household waste and the way in which this is offered by your tenants

We record the meter readings of water and electricity at the start and end of the rental period

If necessary, we can settle outstanding payments with the tenant on site at your request



We receive your tenants and are helpful in customs formalities where desired.

We bring your tenants and their luggage to your holiday home.

Car service

Only if a car belonging to the holiday home is rented out

We arrange all work related to the availability and the taking of the car, such as filling in documents, checking for damage, places child seat (s), etc.

We organize the cleaning of the car if it has not been handed in cleanly and organize the filling of the car if it is not completed

We coordinate cases of damage or breakdown along the way including possible pick up of the tenants if further driving is impossible

We organize replacement transport (the costs of the replaced transport are at the expense of the owner)


Cleaning service

We supervise and inspect all cleaning activities per rental period that are carried out by third parties (your cleaners or a cleaning company you have engaged).


We bring and collect the linen to the laundry (including laundry costs)


Groceries shopping

We collect the food and other groceries ordered by your tenants per rental period

We deliver the groceries in your home

If necessary, the food is placed in a refrigerator and / or freezer.



The weekly maintenance and cleaning of your pool

Taking care of small maintenance

Repairing all common issues

Painting outside and inside of the house

Ensuring quality control and checking maintenance activities carried out by third parties
Garden service

The complete maintenance of gardens

The disposal and processing of garden waste

Ensuring quality control and checking garden work carried out by third parties


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