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Broad Vision, Honest Service, Great Value.

Only when you are satisfied do we feel comfortable.

Welcome to Bonaire Internationaal Beheer!

We thank you for the interest shown in our company, to get to know you we introduce ourselves:

We are a customer-oriented organization that puts the customer first. We also represent the interests of the buyer and the lessor. Bonaire International Beheer owner, Valdir Sint-Jago do this with passion and drive and he is assisted by a team of excellent professionals..

"Born on Bonaire": he knows the island like no other. He was born and raised here and have many years in real estate, construction and property management.

Bonaire International Beheer is available 24/7 and we are fast to react in case of emergency. We check your properties in bad weather. We strive to provide you with the right information at all times and we provide our best advice to prompt you to take your best decision.

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Our Services

Many practical matters are involved in the management of your holiday home. Things have to be paid, you want insight into the costs that are made and can see what we do for you.

Bonaire Internationaal Beheer offers you various separate services or composite packages. You can see which costs have been incurred and what you owe at the end of the month. No surprises, no unexpected things because of course we agree with you that for a number of (more expensive) matters first consultations are made.


Administrator for your home on Bonaire

If you own a house on Bonaire as an investment and you desire to rent it out, Bonaire International Beheer is your ideal partner. We actively search for the right tenants and we ensure good key transfer and maintenance of your house during the lease.

Together with you we create an exhaustive inventory list of the contents of the house and, at the end of the contract, we ensure that we can account for everything you value in your house.

We work with a vast network of real estate agents who call us when work needs to be done on houses. We specialize in renovation supervision, general construction, cleaning of houses or gardens, minor repairs and maintenance in general.

House administration contract consists of:

  • Agreements about your rental preferences.
  • Minimum rental price.
  • Guided showings for potential renters.
  • Drafting the lease agreement.

Shuttle services

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Property checkup


We help you with your emigration process

Relocating to a new area requires a big investment in time and sometimes money. A quit exhaustive research is necessary. We know the local regulations and it is our pleasure to walk you through this sometimes lengthy process. Our agents will always provide you with reliable advice and ensure optimum guidance. We manage all the information about schools, working possibilities, opportunities, house and car insurance, taxes and work permits. We also provide guidance, assistance and advise if you desire to start a business. We also can coordinate the shipment of your belongings to your new house.

Optimal preparation and research, saves you time and headache upon arrival on the island. The new stage of your live will start with more confidence and more calmly if all the relevant details have been properly arranged. With our help, your new live in paradise will start in a much smoother way.


We Provide The Best Service In Industry